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Rental Randmeer

Randmeer Touring

The Randmeer's sailing qualities, space and stability make it terrific cruiser. A go-anywhere boat, this roomy, stable keelboat is suited for anyone: from rookies to seasoned sailors and for both day trips and competitive sailing.

This self-bailing craft has a fixed keel and a spade rudder. The fuel tank sit in a closed-off space. Every boat has a frugal and clean 4-stroke Yamaha outboard engine and is fully equipped.

Inventory: 1 paddle, fenders, anchor and line, bucket and cleaning rag, lifevests. Optional: trapeze pants, spinnaker, cockpit tent, sailing suit(s)

Randmeer Advance

The Randmeer Advance has an attached rudder and has a keel centerboard and therefore more trim options.

All Randmeren rentals have trapeze equipment!!

Optional : trapeze pants, comfort seat, cockpit tent, sailing suit(s)

Yacht type Randmeer
Model Touring or Advance
Length overall 6.55 m.
Draft Touring 0.75 m.
Draft Advance 0.55 / 1.15 m.
Mast height 8.35 m.
Rigging 11.9 sq. M main sail w. 2 x reefs; 5.6 m2 furling jib
Extra Mast-lowering gear; balance straps, helm extender, trapeze equipment (excl. trapeze pants)
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